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26 August, 2010

Black Velvet promos

We've just taken delivery (a few minutes ago) of the Distractions' Black Velvet promo CDs. Advance orders will start shipping later today (Thursday 26/8) or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has supported us by pre-ordering.

N.B. [Thursday evening] We have posted out the first batch of Distractions promos to the people who placed the earliest orders and we should have the rest in the post tomorrow and/or Saturday.

Further N.B. [Saturday morning] All advance orders for the Black Velvet EP have now been posted out. Please note that Monday (30/8) is a Bank Holiday in the UK - we tried to get as many of the international orders as possible out on Thursday afternoon, so that hopefully they'll've left the UK before the holiday. Anyway, thanks again to everyone who's already ordered and if you haven't then orders placed over the weekend will go out either today (Saturday) or Tuesday.