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22 October, 2011

When Sleep Won't Come

Here's an equally rough-and-ready (OK, it's the same one) video for The Granite Shore's version of Factory Star's "When Sleep Won't Come", the original of which appears on their Enter Castle Perilous album released earlier this year.


Here's a very rough and ready stills video for the Factory Star Christmas single, using some of the artwork. Will post the Granite Shore track on the 'b' side soon...

10 October, 2011

Factory Star: Lucybel 7" sleeve

Here's the front cover of the new Factory Star single, Lucybel (It's Christmas Time). We can now announce that the 'b' side will feature a version of Factory Star's When Sleep Won't Come recorded by label-mates The Granite Shore. More information to follow over the next few weeks, we expect to have the singles early-mid-November but we'll keep you posted.

02 October, 2011

Factory Star Christmas Single

Occultation Recordings are proud to announce our first ever assault on the coveted Christmas number one slot with the release of Factory Star's Lucybel (It's Christmas Time) - MAB7DB014. More details will follow soon.

01 October, 2011

"More about Liverpool than any other [album] ever recorded."

There's a review of a recent Echo and the Bunnymen gig in Glasgow on the Quietus website and, interestingly, near the end come the two paragraphs below:

"[...] perhaps Sergeant is pondering throwing his lot in with former Bunnymen bassist Les Pattinson. He came out of musical retirement to join a re-ignited version of their early eighties support act, The Wild Swans. Currently knocking them dead in the Philippines, it should be remembered that the sole Wild Swans release during their original, all too brief life-span, was bank-rolled and produced by original Bunnymen drummer, the late Pete de Freitas.
Sergeant has played live with The Wild Swans already in Liverpool, and also features on the band's just-released album, The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years, an album which possibly says more about Liverpool than any other recorded."
We couldn't possibly comment, of course...