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30 October, 2009

Liquid Mercury - made for you

Just a reminder that orders are being taken for the new Wild Swans single here in the Occultation Shop and they're going very quickly indeed. We do still have copies of the promo CD - although these are limited as we'll need most of them to... well, promote the record. However as a number of people had expressed an interest in these artefacts we decided to get a few extra made to give people the chance to grab something special. We expect to have both the 7"s and the promo CDs next week, as long as there are no last-minute hitches and then we'll start posting out records.

Do remember that we're also doing special prices on our previous two singles so if you missed them or if you only got one of them now's a good time to complete your Occultation collection. Do e-mail us if there's a combination you're interested in that's not shown on the Vinyl Shop page - we couldn't fit everything in without making the page ridiculously long.

Finally we'd really like to thank all the people who've supported us by taking yet another leap of faith and buying this new WS single without hearing it. We really don't think anyone's going to be at all disappointed.

The Wild Swans – Live In Liverpool December 2009

To mark the release of their new single, Liquid Mercury b/w The Wickedest Man In The World (Occultation DIONE7D9003), The Wild Swans have announced that they will be returning to Liverpool's Static Gallery on 11th December 2009. Given that they sold out two nights back in July and that everyone who was privileged to witness those performances agreed that they were an utter triumph, we expect tickets to sell out very quickly indeed.

Tickets are on sale now on the Wild Swans own website here. Seriously, if you saw the shows in July you'll know what kind of a treat you're in for. If you didn't then you really will not want to miss out. Static is a wonderful venue and allows the Swans to create an atmosphere all of their own. Last time this was a village fĂȘte kind of ambience although no doubt it'll be something different in December.

25 October, 2009

Pre-ordering for Liquid Mercury

We are now accepting advance orders for the new Wild Swans single, Liquid Mercury b/w The Wickedest Man In The World and sales have been more than brisk already. We still have a very small number of the first 200 copies which will come with a limited edition signed photo insert but honestly, we don't have many left. Copies of the Liquid Mercury promo CD are also still available but we've now almost sold out of the English Electric Lightning one, unless we can find any more around the Occultation office... Drop us a line if you're interested but no promises.

We expect the LM vinyl to be delivered to us during the first week of November, if there are no unforeseen delays and we'll then begin posting them out as quickly as we can and early orders will go first.

All orders direct from us do, as usual, come with free high-quality (320kbps) MP3 files which we'll send out as soon as we've processed your order. We do this as quickly as we can but please be patient as we've been swamped this weekend.

Finally, please, please, pretty please... If you want your records delivering to an address other than the one to which your card or PayPal account is registered you need to send us an e-mail telling us this. PayPal, in particular, usually only give us the registered address, so that's where we'll send things unless you tell us otherwise.

OK, now you've read that, the Occultation Shop is here.

17 October, 2009

Hear the new Wild Swans single

We've just uploaded full versions of both sides of the new Wild Swans single, Liquid Mercury b/w The Wickedest Man In The World, along with their lyrics, to the website. Click on the links to hear the tracks. We've just approved the test pressings so we expect to receive copies of the single from the pressing plant in about 3 weeks and we'll start taking advance orders probably next weekend.

02 October, 2009

Above is the artwork for the forthcoming Wild Swans 7" single Liquid Mercury b/w The Wickedest Man In The World, due for release on Occultation in November. Once again the artwork is by Ged Quinn. The two tracks were recorded in Liverpool in August 2009, shortly after the band's triumphant two-night stand at the city's Static Gallery. We expect to start taking advance orders in a few weeks' time. More details and hopefully some samples will follow over the next couple of weeks or so.