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31 March, 2011

Entry to Castle Perilous...

We are now accepting orders for Factory Star's Enter Castle Perilous album. We'd expected to have both vinyl and CD by now but there's been a hold-up (circumstances beyond our control) on the vinyl, which we're now told will be 2-3 weeks, but possibly sooner. As some small compensation, we're offering reduced pricing on orders for the album, especially the vinyl and vinyl+CD versions, and you will, of course, receive free MP3s as soon as your purchase goes through. We think you'll find the album's worth the wait.

30 March, 2011

Wild Swans Tour and Album


We've had confirmation of the following UK tour dates for The Wild Swans:
June 7th: Glasgow Captains Cabin
June 8th: Manchester Ruby Lounge
June 9th: Bristol Thekla
June 10th: London Bush Hall
June 11th: Liverpool Stanley Theatre

There may be further dates still to be added.
We're now working at a frantic pace to get their album, The Coldest Winter In A Hundred Years, out in at least one format by then. More news on this will follow, the album is being mixed and artwork designed as we write.

20 March, 2011

Factory Star Enter Castle Perilous CDs

We took delivery of the CD edition of Factory Star's Enter Castle Perilous album this weekend, a couple of photos appear above. As you can see, they're in a special Occultation design, heavy-duty outer wallets (350gsm, which is heavier than a lot of vinyl sleeves), with inner sleeves in a lighter gauge so that they slide in and out easily without falling out accidentally. We're currently waiting on a delivery date for the vinyl version but as soon as we get that we'll be able to start taking orders, hopefully next weekend.