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10 March, 2012

Sexual Objects and Factory Star live in Manchester

Factory Star will be gearing up to record a new EP for Occultation with a gig at Gulliver's in Manchester on 15th March, second on the bill to the wonderful Sexual Objects. Also appearing are Kill Pretty and Taser Puppets. If you're in the Manchester area this is not to be missed. More details here.

06 March, 2012

That Opposite Sex album...

We really are very, very excited about this one... See the previous post for information on the Opposite Sex album which we'll be helping to release and distribute, supporting our good friends at Fishrider Records of Dunedin, New Zealand, who are responsible for one of the most talked-about albums of recent months.

We have a very limited quantity of the original NZ CDs available to purchase directly from us in The Occultation Shop. These should arrive here any day and will then be shipping immediately. However there'll also be a 180g LP version (FISH006UK/ARIEL7DC016), retail release is tentatively scheduled for 23rd April though we'd hope to have some a little before that and will take orders once we have a delivery date. There'll also be a UK CD edition as soon as the remaining NZ copies have gone, which is likely to be very soon.

Below is the video for "Sea Shanty". We'll also be stocking a few other Fishrider releases, including the new album by The Puddle, very shortly in a reciprocal arrangement which'll also see Occultation material made more easily available in New Zealand. Hands across the ocean, and all that or, as Ian of Fishrider calls it, "a transglobal alliance". He's not wrong...