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29 April, 2011

Factory Star at Sounds From The Other City

Just a reminder that Factory Star are headlining the Sounds From The Other City festival at the Crescent in Manchester on Sunday 1st May. Copies of their Occultation debut album Enter Castle Perilous will be available to purchase. The band are expected on-stage at around 10.15 p.m., although the event gets underway in the afternoon.

The first few orders for the LP (and/or LP+CD) version of the album were posted out yesterday afternoon. More will go out over the next few days, although this weekend is a four-day one in the UK as someone or other's getting married today (Friday 29/4) and then Monday's a bank holiday but we'll be getting all remaining orders out as quickly as possible early next week.

28 April, 2011

More pictures of the Enter Castle Perilous vinyl

Yes, they really are rather lovely...

Factory Star Vinyl

This morning we finally took delivery of the vinyl version of Factory Star's Enter Castle Perilous album. The first few orders will go in the post this afternoon. Please note that, as there is a long (four-day) bank holiday weekend in the UK, during which post offices are closed, most orders will go out next week. Someone or other's getting married, apparently.

The vinyl edition is a thing of great beauty. The CDs were lovely but the artwork, especially the gorgeous photos by Jim Donnelly on the front and back, really comes into its own at 12 inches. From next week all orders should be shipping more or less immediately.

19 April, 2011

Factory Star launch gig photos

Thanks to Jim Donnelly (the man responsible for the images on the Enter Castle Perilous sleeve) for some photos of the gig Factory Star played in Manchester last Friday to launch the album. Click here to see more.

14 April, 2011

Factory Star review on Vital Weekly

There's another review of Factory Star's Enter Castle Perilous, this time from the Dutch Vital Weekly review round-up website. It reads thus:

Listening to music all day is of course a great thing, and obviously something I like to do. But of course playing experimental music of a serious nature all day is not always the most easy task, but thank god for labels like Static Caravan or Occultation, which deliver pop music on my doorstep. Martin Bramah, erstwhile of The Fall and The Blue Orchids, formed in 2008 a new band, Factory Star. A simple line up of Bramah on vocals and guitar, along with bass, drums and keyboards. It sounds like a live recording actually and according to the press release it was more or less recorded without many overdubs. A great record it is of what the biz calls 'urgent' music. Demanding music, uplifting and dark. Especially I like the addition of the organ here. Partly because I like organs in popmusic, and here it reminds me of some of The Doors or The Stranglers, although less persistent with Factory Star, but it gives the music a great drive. Slightly psychedelic but with the urgency of a garage rock band. Excellent counter-point of this week. (FdW)

12 April, 2011

Interview with Martin Bramah of Factory Star on Penny Black Music

There's an interview with Martin Bramah of Factory Star, discussing the band's Occultation debut, Enter Castle Perilous, on the Penny Black Music website here. Just a reminder that the band will be playing at the Salutation, off Oxford Road in Manchester this Friday, 15th April - don't miss it if you're in North-Western England.

07 April, 2011

Factory Star review on Your Heart Out

There's a genuinely excellent review of Factory Star's Enter Castle Perilous on Kevin Piece's Your Heart Out website here.

02 April, 2011

Factory Star Manchester date

For those of you in North West England, Factory Star are playing at the Salutation, off Oxford Road in Manchester on 15th April, in support of their debut album, Enter Castle Perilous.

The band will also be headlining the Helmets For Men At The Crescent festival in Manchester on Sunday 1st May.

Further dates to be announced.

01 April, 2011

Factory Star Enter Castle Perilous 30-sec excerpts

We've just posted a rough-and-ready video to YouTube featuring the first 30 seconds from each of the ten tracks which make up Factory Star's Enter Castle Perilous. Special prices in the Shop for a limited period.