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28 July, 2012

End Of The Pier/New Sacral orders now being taken

We're now taking orders for both Factory Star's New Sacral 10" mini-album and The Distractions' long-awaited second LP The End Of The Pier. Both come with CDs thrown in and these are in the usual special Occultation packaging, i.e. outer and inner sleeves (see pictures above). We hope to have the vinyl within the next couple of weeks. You can buy the records individually on the Occultation Shop's "Vinyl" page or you can buy both together on the Shop's "Packages" page, or else you can choose to buy either together with the group's previous Occultation releases, if you've missed them. 

Both vinyl versions are cut from the original high-resolution masters. We got the test pressings for "The End Of The Pier" yesterday; the album was recorded, mixed and mastered at 24/96 and sounds absolutely stunning on vinyl. We know a lot of people like to have a CD as well, for the car or elsewhere, which is why we decided to include them. More news will follow soon.

Below is another video, this time of Wise, side one, track two on The End Of The Pier. Our colleagues at Fishrider are currently working on a video for Weird World from New Sacral...

More to follow...

27 July, 2012

End Of The Pier CDs

We've just received the CD version of The Distractions' The End Of The Pier album and a very lovely thing it is too. More news soon...

26 July, 2012

New Sacral CDs

The Factory Star New Sacral CDs have just arrived on the doorstep. Distractions CDs also imminent and vinyl of both within the next week or two. We'll be taking orders for both very, very soon. 

New Sacral will be released jointly by Occultation Recordings and Fishrider Records of Dunedin, New Zealand, in August.

23 July, 2012


Above is a preview of the forthcoming Factory Star "New Sacral" 10" mini-album, which we'll be releasing jointly with Fishrider Records of Dunedin. This track is the highly topical "Olympian".

Distractions: Girl Of The Year

Here's a first preview of the forthcoming Distractions album, The End Of The Pier, out officially on 27/8/12 although we'll be taking orders and shipping copies a good few weeks before that, we hope. This is side one, track three, a new Steve Perrin song called Girl Of The Year.

04 July, 2012

End Of The Pier Show flyers

Here are the really rather lovely flyers for the forthcoming Occultation "End Of The Pier Shows" in Salford, 31st August and 1st September, featuring The Distractions, Factory Star and The June Brides.

01 July, 2012

June Brides T-Shirts And Badges

There's now a June Brides shop on the band's website, click here to peruse some of the many fine articles available for your retail requirements. For now it's t-shirts, badges but Mr Wilson informs us that this is merely a toe dipped into the waters of empire-building. We at Occultation also have plans to produce some fine articles of apparel and possibly other items, hopefully in time for the forthcoming End Of The Pier Shows. If anyone out there has any suggestions then we'd love to hear them, please e-mail

End Of The Pier Show tickets

Some of the ticket-buying websites can be a bit confusing so, at Mr Finney's suggestion (a good one), here are direct links to each of the three options for coming to the Occultation "End Of The Pier Shows" featuring The Distractions, Factory Star and The June Brides.
1) Click here if you want to come on Friday 31st August only (£12 advance, £15 on the night)
2) Click here if you want to come on Saturday 1st September only (£12 advance, £15 on the night)
3) Click here if you'd like to come on both nights, i.e. Friday 31st August AND Saturday 1st September (at the special reduced price of £20 for both tickets).
If you have any problems you can always drop us a line at

The End Of The Pier front cover

Above is the front cover of the Distractions The End Of The Pier album, due out at the end of August (though we hope to have copies available from the Occultation Shop a few weeks before that). A reminder that tickets for the End Of The Pier Shows, also featuring Factory Star and The June Brides are still available from this page (and others). Advance tickets are quite a bit cheaper than on the door and there's an even bigger saving if you buy tickets for both nights together.