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18 December, 2009

The Fisherman's Friends

Last Friday (11/12/09) saw the Wild Swans stage another triumphant performance at Static Gallery in Liverpool. This time the event had a nautical theme, with nets, lifebelts (including one reading "Revolutionary Spirit - Liverpool") and other maritime paraphernalia strewn around the venue. Capt. Simpson, P. issued rum rations and led his crew (First Mate Maymi, R, Able Seamen Mooney, M and Turvey, R with Pattinson, L. and Beswick, S in the engine room) through a set of classics old, older and new. At the end the stage was boarded by Mr Midshipman Sergeant, W. for the encores. The Wild Swans are currently in the studio completing work on their new album which we at Occultation look forward to releasing in 2010. There are a number of other projects in the pipeline but that one is going to be our number one priority for the next couple of months or so.