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29 January, 2011

Prepare to Enter Castle Perilous

We can now reveal a few advance details about the forthcoming Factory Star LP on Occultation Recordings. It will be entitled Factory Star Enter Castle Perilous and will feature ten tracks recorded in Liverpool in January 2011.

The album's primary format will be vinyl LP, artwork is being designed at the moment and will be uploaded as soon as possible. There will also be a CD release and a special LP+CD package will be available at a significantly-reduced price from the Occultation Shop.

Factory Star are planning live dates to mark the album's release which, if everything goes to plan should be late March/early April. More information will follow as and when it's confirmed.

20 January, 2011

Factory Star LP

Occultation Recordings take enormous pleasure in announcing the forthcoming debut album by Manchester's Factory Star. Details remain to be confirmed but the album is expected in March. It was recorded in Liverpool over three days last weekend and features ten songs written by Fall and Blue Orchids founder member Martin Bramah.

More details will follow soon.