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29 October, 2010

The Distractions Come Home - Orders now being taken

We are now accepting orders for the Distractions Come Home 12" EP and we expect to have the vinyl next week (i.e. the first week of November). There's information on the release on the main Come Home page, previews of all three tracks are available here and you can place your orders in the Occultation Shop. We've made various improvements to the ordering system lately, some you'll notice, some you may not, but it should now be cheaper to purchase multiple items as we've found a way of doing this.
YMIR7DA008 is also the first Occultation release to come with something extra, a collaboration between ourselves and the Your Heart Out and Unpopular websites called etc, we'll leave you to discover what it's all about as each of our zips of MP3 files (free for all vinyl and promo/special edition orders) comes with one of these absolutely free. We're not going to say too much about this project just yet, but there will be more to come.
More on this to follow soon.

18 October, 2010

We've now got the promo CDs for the Distractions Come Home EP. The 12"s should reach us over the next couple of weeks or so. We'll start taking orders fairly soon.

08 October, 2010

Distractions Come Home previews

We've just uploaded streaming previews of the forthcoming Distractions Come Home 12" EP, due in early November, click here to go to the preview page. The 12" single will come in a special UV spot-varnished sleeve and once again the vinyl version was mastered from the highest resolution 24-bit/96KHz recordings so it really should sound pretty special. We'll start taking orders as soon as we get a delivery date from the plant - we always feel awkward taking people's money when we don't know how long it'll be before we can post things out. As on previous occasions, we'll be offering a "deluxe" version of the release, comprising the 12" single plus a promo CD - as always with Occultation the CDs are professionally replicated (not CD-Rs!) and come in vinyl-replica style wallets and they'll be specially priced. There'll also be packages available allowing you to buy this one together with earlier Occultation releases you might have missed - we'll have a number of set options in the Shop but, as always, if you're after a combination that's not there just drop us a line and we'll see what price we can offer you - at the very least we can keep the P&P costs down when you buy more than one item at a time. More on this story to come soon, but have a listen to the previews, we're really very, very proud of this one...

06 October, 2010

Sign up

We've finally got around to setting things up so you can sign up to our mailing list on the site. Click here if you'd like to do that now...

We don't abuse this by sending out constant streams of messages, generally only when we've got a new release or something else is happening and always relating to the label or our artists.

We're expecting to have the Distractions' Come Home 12" EP in stock by the beginning of November - we'll start taking advance orders (with the usual free MP3s delivered as soon as your order goes through, generally within a minute or two) as soon as the pressing plant give us an actual delivery date.