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23 February, 2011

Factory Star Enter Castle Perilous Album Cover

Above are the front and back covers of the forthcoming Factory Star album. The album's now in production and we hope to have copies by late March. We'll start taking advance orders as soon as we have a likely delivery date from our manufacturers. Watch this space...

07 February, 2011

Factory Star track listing

More details on the Factory Star album are trickling in... We can now announce that Enter Castle Perilous (MAB7DB011) will feature the following tracks:
Side One
1. Angel Steps
2. Big Mill
3. Away Dull Care
4. Cheetham Bill
5. Black Comic Book
Side Two
1. When Sleep Won't Come
2. The Fall Of Great Britain
3. New Chemical Light
4. Stone Tumbling Stream
5. Arise Europa

04 February, 2011

Factory Star at FAC251

Those of you in the Manchester area should make a beeline for the city's FAC251 club tomorrow (Saturday 5/2/11) night as Factory Star will be performing the whole of their forthcoming Occultation album Enter Castle Perilous.

Distractions interview on Penny Black Music

There's an in-depth interview with The Distractions on Penny Black Music. Click here. Messrs Perrin and Finney discuss their classic recordings, recent Occultation releases, plans for the future and much more.

03 February, 2011

Wild Swans download from Caught By The River

We've just been sent this by The Wild Swans:

"Tomorrow’s newsletter from the wonderful Caught By The River website includes a link to a previously unreleased track from the forthcoming Wild Swans album The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years. The epic song "The Bluebell Wood" highlights the threat to Britain’s native woodland from big business and is particularly apt in light of the Public Bodies Bill currently in parliament which, if passed, would give the green light to the Tories' plan to sell off our few remaining forests. The song is only available to those on the Caught By The River mailing list. Subscribe here."