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22 June, 2012

Moon/Cloud arrives

The June Brides singles and CDs arrived this morning and very lovely they are too. The first few orders are going out this afternoon, the rest next week. So... shipping now. You can order them from the Occultation Shop.

19 June, 2012

Another Opposite Sex piece

There's yet another piece on Opposite Sex on the Subject Yourself website here.

15 June, 2012

The June Brides: Moon In June

We're now taking orders for the first new June Brides single since 1986. Moon / Cloud features a new Phil Wilson song, A January Moon, plus Nick Halliwell's Cloud, which began life as a Granite Shore track before the June Brides ravished it.

The 7" single, when ordered from Occultation, comes with a 10-track CD, the two tracks from the vinyl plus a further 8 from Mr Wilson's archives. It can be ordered here. There are also options allowing you to buy it together with the Granite Shore's singles, as Flood of fortune featured Messrs Wilson, Torabi and Fonda. Those are here.

We expect to have the singles and CDs in stock next week and they'll be posted out chronologically, so the sooner you order, the sooner you'll get yours...

08 June, 2012

Second End of the Pier show tickets on sale

Tickets for the second End of the Pier show are now available here. Those people who've already booked for the Friday should've received an e-mail offering them a reduced price if they'd like to come on the Saturday as well.

07 June, 2012

Opposite Sex interview

There's an interview with Lucy Hunter, of Opposite Sex, here. Well worth a read. More online features on the band are due soon... In the meantime we've also got a very limited number of vinyl copies of Fishrider label-mates The Puddle's new album, which come with a CD thrown in, and there's also a special "Fishrider Package" featuring both albums on vinyl and CD plus the Shifting Sands CD, at a very special price on this page in the Occultation Shop.

Second End Of The Pier Show in Salford

We've been somewhat taken aback by demand for tickets for the End of the Pier show announced at the Kings Arms in Salford, Manchester, for 31st August 2012. So we've now added a second night, which will be the following evening, Saturday 1st September at the same venue. 

Tickets are priced at £12 in advance/£15 on the door (if there are any tickets left) for each night but we're offering a special price for anyone who wants to come both nights, £20 for tickets for both Friday and Saturday. Those of you who have already booked tickets for the Friday will receive an e-mail with a special code allowing you to book a ticket for the Saturday at the reduced price as we really appreciate your loyalty.

Tickets for the Saturday and for both nights together are due to go on sale tomorrow morning (Friday 8th June 2012), more details when we get them. But if you're planning to come we'd strongly advise you to book your tickets in advance, the Kings Arms is a fairly small, intimate venue and this really is an unmissable bill: it'll feature what's realistically likely to be your only chance to see The Distractions, with the line-up that made the new album (Messrs Finney and Perrin, plus Nick Halliwell and Arash Torabi from The Granite Shore and Mike Kellie of the Only Ones, Spooky Tooth, etc.), but also Factory Star and The June Brides. 

Ticket details will follow tomorrow...