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28 July, 2013

Wild Swans "Coldest Winter" reissue update

Deluxe edition, artist's impression, above.
Work-in-progress photo of Super-Deluxe edition, above.

We thought we should let you know what's happening with the Wild Swans' Coldest Winter reissue. The original idea was simply to reissue the album on vinyl but it quickly gathered momentum and grew into by far the most complicated thing we've ever done, with several editions, LPs and CDs plus boxes, postcards, posters, other special inserts, etc. All this has to be designed, approved and manufactured, then it has to be delivered to us so we can assemble it (by hand!) then put it some proper protective packaging and send it all over the world by insured courier delivery. We expect to have stock of all the components well before the end of August, but until we've got a more definite idea we're not going to take anyone's money. The whole thing's been a lot of work and has taken far longer than expected, but we're confident that it'll be worth it.
The Super-Deluxe edition is now fully-subscribed, but we have a reserve list in case anyone drops out or we have any copies left over, if we do it'll be a handful at the most. You can sign up for the reserve list here.
The Deluxe edition, which is almost as spectacular, will be available only from us and perhaps a few of our partners. Again it'll be limited to a few hundred.
The Standard edition will be available from us hopefully in August or in shops at the end of September.
The vinyl Incandescent has also been delayed and we've been told it'll probably be ready in September. We should stress that this is being released by our friends at Vinyl180 rather than on Occultation, but we'll be getting copies and there'll be a discount for anyone who's bought the CW vinyl reissue from us.

In the meantime, we'll keep you informed.

Thanks for your patience, it will be rewarded...

06 July, 2013

Wild Swans Super-Deluxe edition list

Our list for the Super-Deluxe edition of The Wild Swans' The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years is now complete. It's not going to be practical to make any more of these but we will now be opening a "reserve list" so that if anyone from the main list drops out or we find we've got any spare copies at the end of the process the people on it will get the first chance to buy them. You can sign up for the reserve list on the same page as before.

04 July, 2013

The Wild Swans Super-Deluxe, work-in-progress pictures

Above are a couple of photographs showing work-in-progress on the Super-Deluxe edition of the forthcoming Wild Swans vinyl reissue. The SD is now almost fully-subscribed, only a couple of places on our list left, though we'll then have a reserve list in case anyone drops out, we've already doubled our planned limited edition of this and we simply can't make any more as it's a huge amount of work. The sign-up page is here, first-come, first-served.

As you can see, they're very high-quality boxes, they'll be laser-engraved and then backed with a material to produce the final effect. The SD will also come with a few extras that won't be included in the Deluxe edition, whereas the Standard will be just a double LP, although it'll come on 180g vinyl in a high-quality gatefold sleeve with inner sleeves.

More information will follow, we're a little behind schedule on this but we should be ready to start taking orders soon, once we've worked out final costs.