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19 May, 2012

June Brides: Moon/Cloud artwork

Above is the front cover of the forthcoming June Brides 7" which will be released jointly by Occultation Recordings (PAN7DC015) and Slumberland Records (SLR 175) in North America. The "Moon / Cloud" single is a double 'a' side featuring a new Phil Wilson song, "A January Moon" and a version of a previously unreleased song called "Cloud" written by Nick Halliwell of The Granite Shore and The Distractions. The 7" will go into production next week and we expect to have copies by mid-June (obviously). Official release is set for 25th June but as usual we'll be taking orders before then. Copies ordered from Occultation will come with a special CD featuring not just the two tracks from the vinyl release but a number of related rarities and unreleased tracks in the usual Occultation packaging. More details to follow over the next few weeks.