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10 May, 2015

Granite Shore Deluxe boxed set: last copies

Above is a video showcasing the Deluxe edition of The Granite Shore's Once More From The Top.

We now only have nine copies definitely left - there's a possibility we
might find a handful more components later on when we tidy up but nine is the number we can be sure of doing. You can also order either the
Deluxe or the Standard edition ("just" a 180g LP plus a 32-page A4
format booklet!) together with all of the previous singles including
Granite Shore tracks at a bargain price by choosing your region here

are a couple of photos posted online by people who've already done just
that (many thanks to Ross Sinclair and Steve Rovner) - as you can see,
they both went for the Deluxe Catalogue edition, i.e. the Deluxe version
of the LP plus the earlier singles. As you can see, it all looks
especially nice on wooden flooring.