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07 November, 2009

Liquid Mercury now shipping

We've just received the last bits of the Liquid Mercury jigsaw puzzle so we've started making up advance orders. We're hoping to post a few today (Saturday) and then more on Monday and on through the week until they've all gone. As far as possible the first orders placed will be the first to be posted. Please be patient though, as we've had huge demand for this one and we've also got a whole host of combinations (7"s with promo CDs, with 10"s, etc.) so it might take us a few days to get all of the orders out. Still, the good news is that the threatened UK postal strike has been put on hold and so, once the initial backlog caused by the one-off industrial action over the last fortnight has been cleared postal services ought to be back to what passes for normal.

If you've ordered already you will receive an e-mail from us to let you know that your order has been posted.

Can I also offer one final reminder that PayPal, in particular, usually only give us the address to which the card used to pay for the transaction is registered. So if you want your order posting anywhere else you must send us an e-mail with the delivery address, otherwise chances are we won't know and will post it to the address we receive with your order. If you've already ordered I'd suggest you do this quickly...

OK then... We're very pleased with the way Liquid Mercury has come out, the singles look, feel and sound fabulous - we do hope you'll agree.