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25 July, 2009

Angels resurrected

Last night the Wild Swans performed the second of their two historic shows at Static Gallery in Liverpool. If Thursday was an unbelievably emotional occasion, then last night was extraordinary in a different way. The band were, if anything, even tighter than the previous night, brimming with confidence, and tore through their set as through driven by the furies. Again, there were too many highlights to pick them all out, but a special mention has to go to the current single, English Electric Lightning performed with the whole audience singing (quite literally) from the same hymn-sheet. 

We'd like to thank all the many people who helped to make these such amazing events, and also everyone who came - both nights were packed - and especially those who travelled long distances to be there.  More to follow... Right now we all need to catch our collective breath, which has been taken away.