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10 May, 2015

Granite Shore Deluxe boxed set: last copies

Above is a video showcasing the Deluxe edition of The Granite Shore's Once More From The Top.

We now only have nine copies definitely left - there's a possibility we
might find a handful more components later on when we tidy up but nine is the number we can be sure of doing. You can also order either the
Deluxe or the Standard edition ("just" a 180g LP plus a 32-page A4
format booklet!) together with all of the previous singles including
Granite Shore tracks at a bargain price by choosing your region here

are a couple of photos posted online by people who've already done just
that (many thanks to Ross Sinclair and Steve Rovner) - as you can see,
they both went for the Deluxe Catalogue edition, i.e. the Deluxe version
of the LP plus the earlier singles. As you can see, it all looks
especially nice on wooden flooring.

06 April, 2015

The Granite Shore: Recorded Sound

Another track from the forthcoming Granite Shore LP. The Deluxe edition is now well over halfway to selling out. Details of the Deluxe can be found here.

26 February, 2015

Once More From The Top poster

Initial copies of the Granite Shore LP will come with a free poster, shown above. There'll also be some other extras... More details to follow.

The Granite Shore: Backstage at the Ballroom

Another track from the forthcoming Granite Shore LP, Once More From The Top. This is side one, track five.

30 January, 2015

The Granite Shore: Nine Days' Wonder

Below is a video of Nine Days' Wonder, taken from the Granite Shore's forthcoming album Once More From The Top.

Above are the LP (top) and CD (bottom) sleeves of the forthcoming album by The Granite Shore, Once More From The Top. Official release is likely to be in April or May, but we expect to be taking pre-orders hopefully sometime in February, although current vinyl manufacturing times are making it difficult to be sure when we'll have stock. More details will follow soon... Watch this space.

13 February, 2014

Trick Mammoth - "Delphine (With A Purpose)" video

Here's the first promo video from Trick Mammoth, for Delphine (With A Purpose) from their Floristry album, out on Fishrider/Occultation (via Cargo in the UK and Europe) on 24/2/14 but available from this website now, and shipping immediately. 

Video Created by Emily Hlavac Green
Assisted by Alex Lovell-Smith @ A&E Studio

Thanks to Rachel Chin (Delphine), Adrian Ng, Mille Lovelock & Sam
Valentine (Trick Mammoth) and Hilary Thomson, who all passed their
screen test.
Adrian on "Delphine (With A Purpose)"
"It's centred around that Holly Golightly quote: "Because no matter where you
run, you just end up running into yourself." Delphine is sort of a metaphorical assassin, she kills people in an attempt to leave her former self... This was also one of the first songs I wrote with no intention to do vocals on, which was very nice. To me, this feels like Millie's song. She owns it."

From Mess+Noise